Understanding Mechanical Ventilation in HVAC System

In engineering systems, HVAC is one important thing that should be considered in building construction. For a building, kontraktor HVAC will concern the most for the ventilation because it will be the only way the fresh air can enter the building freely. Based on the internet, ventilation is the key point to the great quality of fresh air. A building without ventilation will cause many problems including: 

  • stuffy room
  • sick building syndrome
  • difficulties in breathing
  • transmitting virus

If this happens for a long time especially for a public or commercial building, people will get a serious health problem. Besides, in this pandemic situation, open free space is highly recommended for people to get fresh air and avoid sharing the same air. However, for office workers, companies should upgrade and renovate the ventilation for the best air circulation. 

Ventilation in HVAC System

In an HVAC system, ventilation is about providing the right amount of fresh air from outside buildings to indoor space. Without great ventilation, people inside will get difficulties breathing, feel uncomfortable, and may cause a health problem. When the building has no ventilation, they tend to use Air Conditioning to help them freely breathing. However, the use of the maximum amount of Air Conditioning also will cause another problem. The problem is you have to pay extra money for electricity every month.

Is There Any Solution For The Problem Above?

Mechanical ventilation is one alternative solution to help the building “breath” easily through each crevice and opening such as a door or window ventilation to get more fresh air into the inside building. Mechanic ventilation is highly recommended by the kontraktor HVAC especially for modern home living and other commercial buildings.

This kind of ventilation uses great tools that can control when, where, and how much fresh air is needed to be aired in the whole room. It also uses a kind of channel and fan to distribute the air into every single room including the kitchen and restroom.

The Advantages of Using Mechanical Ventilation

Not only giving the best quality of fresh air, but mechanical ventilation will also give us several advantages as follow:

  1. Energy Efficiency

People tend to use more Air Conditioning to solve problems with building with less ventilation. As a result, they have to pay extra money each month to pay for the electricity cost. However, mechanical ventilation will not take much cost to install. Besides, you have to install many ACs to get fresh air for each room. However, you only have to install less number of mechanical ventilation to distribute fresh air for the whole building.

  1. It controls the fresh air source

Different from the Air Conditioner, mechanical ventilation provided by kontraktor HVAC will help the building to get fresh air from every side of the building. They can put the fan from the fresh air source which far from pollution and distribute it through the channel. It is very useful especially when the building is near to industrial with much pollution. Contractor will decide which side is the best for the fan to get the fresh air.