Top Five Most Wanted PC Games

A game is one of the great entertainment that we human can enjoy right now. Today, a game is one of the most wanted items and of course, lots of people really love to play games. Guild wars 2 service is one of the good services that you can get from playing the guild wars.

Top 5 PC Games That You Must Know

Today we will review five top-rated pc games that you might love. For you who still looking for the good games that you can play on your pc, this article will help you find one. So, without any further due we will start to talk about the guild wars 2 service and also we will talk about the best five games that will blow your mind. If you are curious about that, let’s start talking.

  • Batman Arkham Series

This is the game about Batman, you must be already familiar about Batman right. The graphic is very awesome and also the story will lead you into something greater. The Arkham franchise is the most Batman successful franchise in the game realm. The action and the character development is great and you can feel the taste of being the greatest detective in the dc universe.

  • Spider-Man 2018

As one of the best superhero, Superman is the good things to talk about. The game gives you a very different perspective about being a superhero. The graphics and the story are best and awesome. You can feel the pain of peter parker throughout the story and also you will meet with classical villains from the spiderman universe, which is very perfect for Spiderman fans.

  • Guild Wars 2

Takes time after the re-emerged of the destiny edge, the disbanded guild decide they will fight the dragons. This will be a great arc for you who play the previous guild wars. Of course, with enhancing graphic the game will look different. But, of course, it will still give you some classical looks on the game that will give you a nostalgic feeling. The character has very unique skills and also the character design is very attractive which will make you never get boring.

  • GTA V

For you who really love mafia and gangster type of game, this GTA V will be the perfect choice for you. The game will offer you tons of actions, car chase, guns shot and etc. The game will give you a new different excitement because the graphic is very amazing, new mission and story will be added in this new franchise and will bring a new different feeling during the play time.

  • Plants VS Zombie PC Edition

If you are looking for a fun game with lowest pc specification, this game will be a good choice. Fun, addictive and of course very entertaining. For you who love a simple game with a good story arc, this game will be the perfect match for you.

So, that’s the five most wanted games that you might love to play with. If you want to get the guild wars 2 service you need to have some account first and of course, you can get it by register yourself on the game and play it before you go to the forum.