Top 6 Advantages that iPhone Has Over Android

The exploding of technology has created bunches of varied handphones. The most dreaming phone is iPhone and Android. These brands of phones compete for each other by updating new features, improving their performances and fixing the bugs.

Which Brand Is The Most Liked?

Long story short, most people will agree that the iPhone has been proven to be the best phone that can beat Android devices. There are bunches valid reasons conveyed by iPhone’s users that will convince people to win iPhones over Android.

  1. Quick at updating OS

People know that the iPhone manages its own phone and its update since the company only needs to focus on one phone only so the updates can be directly used by all of the iPhone. The result of the update will be quick to be seen on iPhone than Android. Moreover, the features offering by Android sometimes cannot work properly on all of the Android devices because of the difference between manufacturer and characteristics of the phone.

  1. The variety of updates

Most of the updates provided by Android devices are bug fixes and security patches. Meanwhile, the updates given by the iPhone are more varied. Apple often creates creative and marvelous things for its users. Moreover, it is famous for its originality and sometimes its features are copied by its rivals.

  1. High concern on safety and security

Apple has strict requirements for developers or third parties who want to place their apps in the App store. Apple thinks highly of security and safety because it wants its users’ privacy to keep hidden and free from viruses and malware. If the developers cannot meet those requirements, the application will be denied and the application cannot be placed in the App Store.

  1. The facility to listen to the music

iPhone knows that life without music will be empty.  Since the iPhone puts high concern on safety, it builds its own music application. iTunes is the answer for the music lovers. It allows users to be able to sync music easily. Hence, users are not required to download any third party for music application. Unlike iPhone, Android users have to click and drag the file to their phone. Moreover, they have to download third-party-application if they want to get the best music application.

  1. Easy to use

The iPhone makes sure that the users can find their application easily. They do not go through settings if they are eager to find any application. Furthermore, it assures users that all applications can work properly and will not experience any crush problem that makes them inconvenience.

  1. The existence of Microsoft 365

It will be the most magnificent news for iPhone users. There are Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint installed on the phone. It brings the joys for users since they access, edit and view files easily everywhere they are.

Those reasons win iPhones over Android. Despite of the price, it gives mighty features that pamper their customers. Don’t worry people don’t need to waste money on it, they can win iPhones by joining this blog.