Parker Technology: Being One of the Best Customer Experience Team


In the digital era, building a technology-based customer experience cannot be denied because the behavior of users in acquiring the retention of a product today is always in contact with technology. As it is done as well for Parker Filter Indonesia. Being part of Parker’s company worldwide, makes every distributor in the world having the best customer experience team.

Customer experience is now the most important part of marketing strategy. Experience is the main stage to win customers’ hearts. At this stage, customers do not just obtain information or promises such as in advertisements, but customers feel and experience their own journey using products or services from a brand.

What is Parker Technology?

Parker Technology gives the best premium customer experience for its service that provides parking facilities with robust solutions. Enhancing customer experience, increasing successful payment, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring calls are the solutions that are done. “help” button on PARCS kiosk for a parking guest who wants to park and pushes the button, then the well-informed specialist from the company will answer to resolve the issues. By putting this into the personal state, this becomes a unique approach for human touch into an automated situation. That brings as well to Parker Filter Indonesia as the part of the Global Parker company.

What Makes Parker Technology Top-Rated Customer Experience

Delivering a high-level service on this field is a duty of the Department of Technical Service at Parker. Customer satisfaction is improved by the team. They have a role to drive the service of satisfaction, and they also drive to increase profitability, and maximize client retention. On the other hand, Parker Technology has six core values as a dedication to the service. Those include Honesty & Integrity, Servant’s Heart, Excellence in Communication, Critical Thinking, Noble Intent, and Goes Above & Beyond. Then the qualities of these are exemplified by each Parker member.

In addition, a structured training process has been developed by New CSRs in ensuring that the customer service to quickly speed and can be effective when they have to speak with every customer. What makes it consideration is that the understanding of CSRs about every facility is different. Then, they have been trained on where and how to find information needed to serve the customers.

Furthermore, Parker uses encouragement programs and support variety to engaged CSRs, such as:

·         It’s My Call’ board is that when a CSR faces a difficult call, they can post it to the board. it will be reviewed by a supervisor, and the CSR will be entered for a prize.

·         Quarterly appreciation is that when Parker review company progress by meeting on a quarterly basis. And they will celebrate the successes.

·         There is a game that has been developed by The QA & Training Supervisor in accelerating how to learn new facilities. These include playing the BINGO game, in which the game runs like CSRs have to fill squares while running into particular conditions in garages just like they deliver a direction for paying cash.

After all those are the information that can be shared about Parker Technology that also brings Parker Filter Indonesia being part of it as top-rated customer experience.