Meet the Icon A5: An Airplane which Makes Anyone Can Fly

For those of you who have a dream to be a pilot, but the fact that you can reach it, you might be able to make this come true. However, it does not make you a real pilot. Herewith Icon A5, you can make it possible. Based on airlines fleet information, this plane makes anyone can fly. Then, how it works?

What is Icon A5?

The Icon A5 is a sport amphibious aircraft with a single-engine which is designed to have the simple flight. There are two main points highlighted on this plane. The first one is this simple airplane has a good engine. Then, it has a simplified flight interface so that the cockpit will be less confusing.

The Features of Icon A5

If you like to try to drive the plane your own, it is better to find out all the features inside this plane as the following ones:

  • Interior design

When you get inside the plane, the first thing that you will see is about the interior. Here you may think that you are not in the airplane. You might lose the excitement when you find out that there is no knob, buttons and any confusing instruments as you see in the real airplane cockpit. The real one that you will see is the cockpit is more like the dashboard of the car.

  • Cool features

It is good to know if something designed with special features. Based on airlines fleet information, this Icon A5 has cool features that enable anyone understandable about the flight instruction during the flight time. This simple plane has good innovation which is called as the Angle of Attack. It is a small gauge which makes multiple indicators summarized into a single and simplified display. Your flight will be going well as long as you can keep this Angle of Attack in the green zone. This will make you to landing and take off easily, even in the water.

  • Engine

This Icon A5 is also equipped with a good engine. It could be seen from the smart elements such as vortex generators and wings cuff. This plane is also an engine to be predictable and stable in the air. It will not spin out of control if you get into the stall.

  • Learn to Fly

Seeing from the design, feature, and engine, this Icon A5 has good for the people who like to drive a plane. This plane enables you to understand how the airplane can fly in the air in really simplified features, defeat your fear about the challenge of flight, and it does not make you to take years of the pilot study to legally fly. You can just find out how to register this one and you will be accompanied by the professional during the flight.

Hence, those are several things about the Icon A5 that you should know. You can exactly try how to fly with a plane as a pilot in really neat and simple instruction. You can check airlines fleet information to get the further info about this.