5 Truck Technologies and Reasons on Why You Need Them

As someone who starts to get interested in starting off Dispatcher for Trucking Company, you should know that there is a possibly never ending list of technologies that are so tempting to be added to you vehicle. Though the choice is always in your hands after all, there have been so many innovative companies that are versatile in releasing modern technologies to develop your delivery services even better.

For your information, this sector is actually one of the most varied industry to live in. It acknowledges several sub-industries that can also be maintainable for a long period, and it is supported by the technology that always find ways to help it brought to people with even easier, faster, safer, and more accurate premise than ever. So, to be able to survive in this very competitive cycle, you have to make the best approach with the technologies for your proposition, don’t you think?

5 Truck Technologies You Need And The Reasons Why

Below are our 5 most recommended, must-have technology items to have while building your own Dispatcher for Trucking Company. We also insert the reasons on why you may need them on your trucks for better business experience:

  1. Dynamic Routing

In dispatch operations, how you choose the route for it plays a very important role in your overall success. That is why we think you’ll need a technology called Dynamic Routing to help you adjust and record whichever road you opt to take during the delivery, completed with weather and traffic information that is provided to you real time.

  1. Collision Mitigation Systems

Once you jumped into this industry, you have to realize that the potential of your trucks getting involved in collisions and fatalities are pretty high. That support companies to come up with something that actually prevents the vehicles from it called Collision Mitigation Systems. It incorporates better device to scan emergency situations and provide with more accurate sensibility.

  1. Advanced Camera Systems

For years now, you may have been using and relying mainly on in-cab camera systems, or dash cam. Now, this component has even got a lot better with more capacity, called Forward-looking Camera Systems. As the digital cameras start to evolve quickly as well, this camera system is designed with advanced image processing, usability during nighttime, and HD image capture.

  1. Electronic Logging Technology

Speaking of the fact, all dispatch operations need to install an electronic logging device based on certain regulations per 2017. To do your business legally, you need a set of equipment, including an automatic recording and tracking device, and Electronic Logging Technology itself. Rather than saying it as an accessory, keep in mind that it’s become a necessity.

  1. Temperature Tracking

Another mandatory technology you need to prepare for your carriages is a Temperature Tracking, or Temperature Record Keeping. According to the regulation, Dispatcher for Trucking Company that will offer shipping for foods are required to follow certain sanitary prescriptions. The vehicles used should apply properly-installed and working refrigerator or temperature controller load, and clean directory to protect the supplies during deliveries.