2 Best Video Converters Software for Mac and Windows.

Thanks to the Internet, the existence of it leads to the expansion of social media. It can be stated that people tend to depend on social media now since they spend most of their time to access it. One of the most famous social media is Facebook. People can share their opinion and fact and upload their photos and videos with no effort on Facebook. Along with that, the presence of video converter software comes so people can download videos from Facebook to mp4 HD.

Why Do People Want To Convert Their Videos?

There are great videos available on Facebook. Most of the people think that those videos are surely worth to watch and cannot be skipped so they wish to share those videos so the others can enjoy it. Since Mac and Windows do not have any function for converting videos, people need to download third-party. Fortunately, many kinds of video converters software that can convert Facebook to mp4 HD are available on the Internet.

What Are 2 Best Video Converters Software For Mac And Windows?

  • Movavi Video Converter

This video converter can be used in Mac and Windows. There are 2 best things from this converter. First, it does not need much space from Mac and Windows. Second, it is easy to install this tool; people can download it in a few seconds. Third, they can use the amazing freemium tool since it has a free version. Fourth, people can choose many kinds of format they like. If people want to download the video into mp4, they can do it now.

To begin the process, people can drag any different video from many sources. Then, they need to drop the video into the screen. Another best thing from this converter is people can add photos, audio, and DVD. This converter helps people to choose any desired size and quality. They also can watch the sample part of the video. If people are so busy to wait for the video to be converted, they can minimalize the system and do other jobs on their Mac and Windows.

  • Handbrake

Handbrake is a free video converter for Mac and Windows. The first best thing about it is this converter is much advanced than the others since it is frequently updated. Thus, people will never be bored with it because there are numerous new features added to facilitate people. Second, it has multiple formats, devices, and codecs. Shortly, it is advanced video converter software with marvelous customization.

To start the process, select the video by clicking the source button. After the video appears, people can arrange the preset and format. It can be edited by cropping and resizing the video, adding and removing the subtitles, and adjusting the audio volume. To make a new video, people need to click the start button and for it.

Movavi Video Converter and Handbrake are 2 best video converters software people can use. They can try to be familiar with it by practicing to convert videos from Facebook to mp4 HD.