Zora, The Caregiver Robot That Will Give You A Good Service

The scientists have for a long time made a robot device that looks like an animal and some are hidden by humans. This research is expected to be able to produce devices that can work as human beings do. If there is, it will be used for various purposes. Many can be picked. Devices used to create tasks needed by people who are still needed to develop several companies. There are some the robot’s functions for the human being.

To Increasing The Amount Of Production

This human-like machine later when it is functioning properly can help the industrial production process.  As a machine that does not have the limited energy and does not require the special time to rest. It is automatically more effective in increasing quality and production. The quality is also guaranteed because in such a setting so that the work results are in accordance with the standard. The responsibilities of workers are more limited and the companies profit will be maximal.

Can Do The High-Risk Jobs

Around us, there are many high-risk jobs, such as contact with hazardous chemicals. Heat substances such as fire, and so on. Of course, forcing people to do that work is obviously very difficult even though they have been given the high pay. To preventing victims from taking care of this dangerous work, the robot takes over the role of humans. The machine can safely enter the dangerous chemicals, break through the fire, without the risk of dying.

Reduce Human Workload

Even this human-like machine can later be used to help the various types of work, so it is not limited to high-risk jobs. But it can help humans to take care of household work such as cleaning and cooking. Of course, it can make your job will be easy. Likes in Belgia, there is a robot that can help the worker in the hospital to help in physical training sessions and make the children feel happy before surgery. Sometimes it also escorts them to the operating room the name of the caregiver robot is Zora.

This Zora robot has a height of 120 cm and can recognize the human voices in more than 15 languages. This robot is also can detect whether it talks to women, men, or children. By the creator, Zora is referred to as the charming, friendly, and surprising figure. The robot has a tablet computer mounted on its chest and can do interaction with the humans by using the microphone and camera mounted on the head and equipped with the sensory of touch on its hands and head.

At the CHR Citadelle hospital in Lige, Zora will work at the receptionist department. In The AZ Damian Hospital in Ostend, it will take the visitors to the designated department. The two hospitals, previously used smaller size robot that made by Southbank. That robot is placed on children’s rooms that will make them happy while doing treatment. This presence of Zora robot can make the visitors of the hospital feel happier.