Top Busan Specialty Food You Must Try Recommended by Trazy

Having a great day at Busan, South Korea? It sounds good. Busan which is known for its beach area will let you get more relax time. Besides walking around to take beautiful scenery and good weather, you can also get the best culinary time. There are a lot of choices for foods since there are more than hundreds kind of foods in Korea. Moreover, Busan is also known for its street foods which served various tasty foods and drinks that will never disappoint your tongue and stomach. To make you less confused when traveling to Busan, here are the best-recommended foods which should be tried.

X Busan Street Foods You Should Try

When you are walking around at Busan, don’t forget to take your time to take a bite of street foods. There are a lot of vendors which served various delicious foods. So, here the foods that must be tried:

  • Makchang Gui

Mackcang Gui, which is grilled beef abomasum, is one of the most famous snacks you can find at Busan. The spicy flavor from the marinated sauce is the best to combine with the grilled beef. You can find it at the Kkangting Market which is served in a paper plate as its concept of street foods.

  • Ssiat-Hotteok

If you are visiting Busan in winter, so you must buy Ssiat-Hotteok. Like Makchang Gui, you can also find Ssiat-Hotteok at Kkangtong Market and Gukjae Market. This seed stuffed pancake will help your body warm in cold weather. Since there is honey inside, it will give enough sweet taste which is combined with the crunchy seeds and nuts.

  • Cheesy Grilled Scallop

Do you like cheese so much? In Busan, you will get gilled scallop with cheese. The grilled scallop itself will make your interest to take a bite. Moreover, it will be covered by melted mozzarella. It will be a new level of tasty food, right? You can grab it from Kkangtong Market at Busan.

  • Bacon Scotch Egg

Sausage and bacon are two things which will be perfect to combine. At Busan, you will find Bacon Scotch Egg which is good enough for your snack while walking around. The sausage will be rolled up with the delicious bacon, then it will be wrapped with the boiled egg. You can get how tasty this snack is.

  • Busan Ddeokgochi/Odeng

One of the trademarks of Korean street food is Ddeokgochi or Odeng. It is kind of rice cake which is on a stick. Odeng is deep fried fish cakes which actually have the tender and best taste. Also, you can get this skewered fish cake with the broth. It is a perfect snack for winter since you will get warmth snack. Moreover, you can easily find these snacks in almost every street at Busan. If you are Korean drama lovers, so you might already know what the Ddeokgochi or Odeng is and you will get the taste already.

Besides these snacks, there are also more street foods at Busan. Chungmu Kimbab, Seoseo Steak, and Dongnae Pajeon are also highly recommended to try.