The Review Of Oculus GO That Will Make You Amazed

VR or virtual reality is generally by people to watch videos and play the games for real. But it turns out, the virtual reality still has other abilities that can help the human life. What are the usual functions of virtual reality in modern lives? The virtual reality is certainly different with the augmented reality. Even though virtual reality headsets have affordable prices, but there are so many people that choose the virtual reality to play games or videos.

Medical Training

The first function of virtual reality is for medical training. By the combined tools in the virtual world and the real world, the professional medical treatment simulations are created for things that are difficult to do directly. The accuracy of the simulation is also quite good. If previously it was rather difficult to diagnose the disease suffered by patients, the virtual reality was able to make the professional medical experts do the difficult things. This is also can improve the quality of nursing which was previously difficult.

Military Simulations

Likes the function to medical training, the virtual reality is also can use to the military simulations. This virtual reality is often used to the training strategy of a defused bomb or to the shooting exercise.

Automotive World

This technology also gives an impact on the automotive world. Where now leading companies began designing cars using virtual reality technology. In fact, the leading vehicles company which is Ford has the laboratory to use the virtual reality technology to prototyping their latest output car.

Education Field

The virtual reality function also helps the world of education. With high technology, it will allow the student to get different experiences rather than learning in class. This virtual reality technology can be directly practicing to the students.

The Oculus Go

Oculus GO is an upcoming virtual reality standalone and headset controller that offers the same library of content and experiences similar to gear virtual reality but in specialized units rather than accessories. Oculus Go is a virtual reality controller and headset that designed to offer a mobile virtual reality experience in stand-alone units. Go shares many of similarities with gear virtual reality headsets fitted with Samsung smartphones, including the virtual reality content library shared from Oculus. This virtual reality controller has designed with some advantages that will make you feel comfortable.

The Oculus Go is provided with the Qualcomm Snapdragon¬† 821 SoC. This chip is somewhere in the middle of the Samsung smartphone that supports the gear of Samsung. This virtual reality is also provided with the specifications that will make it will not be overheated. The superthermal characteristic will make you feel comfortable even you use this virtual reality for a long time. Oculus recently revealed with the system output 60Hz until 72 Hz. The Oculus Go has the screen with 2.560×1.440 and using the flat LCD that has the fast switch features. This virtual reality also worked with the Qualcomm system that can optimize the performance. The Go lens, facepad, and headset can be cleaned, removed or replaced.