The Research That Conduct By Tiny Satelite In Mars

In the future, the human desire to live on Mars can truly be realized according to the several research that conducted by the tiny satellites. For those of you who are curious about the life on Mars, you can see The Martian, the film that as the story about the living in Mars. Based on the research conduct by the tiny satellite, humans can be live on this red planet. The European-ESA space agency launched the ExoMars mission to track the life trails on the red planet.

Habitable Planet

Mars is the one of another habitable to humans after earth. After the research, Mars is the planet that most resembles the earth compared to other planets in our solar system. Even, so it is not really similar, but it just allows the human to live in there.

The Beautiful Scenery

Maybe you will think that in Mars just contain the rocks. In this red planet, we will also find the very large volcanoes and the wide canyons like Grand Canyon. You will be amazed if get the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery that humanity has never seen before.

Need The Precise Precision

At present, NASA has landed a vehicle that has the wight until one ton in the surface of that red planet. Meanwhile, to land humans need a foundation that is capable of loading ten tons of vehicles. It needs precise precision given the surface of Mars. Because, as we know that Mars is mostly hills, mountains, and rocks.

Need The Space Clothing All The Time

If you live in Mars, so you need to use space clothing every time, because the weather on Mars is very extreme. Meanwhile, the difference between a day and a day is until 1700. While the average of temperature is below zero. Not only that, but the air in this red planet is also dominated by carbon dioxide that can give the negative impact to the human.

Dust Storm In Every 26 Months

If you live on this red planet, so you must be ready to face the very big dust storm that will happen in every 26 months. In this 26 months, in Mars will happen like summer that can give impact the great dust storm. A storm consists of fine dust that trapped in the atmosphere and can darken during the day to dusk.

Not Just Anyone Can Live In There

Based on the research of the tiny satellite, not just anyone can live on Mars. Humans who will stay need to be equipped with the ability to adapt and build the civilization. The first humans who came to this red planet neede to farm and make food sources. The scientists believe that potatoes, beans, and asparagus can grow in Mars. Not only that, but humans also need to build the buildings to be able to live properly.  First supplied by NASA rover comparing the conditions on Eart and in Mars. The scientists said that the methane gases is from geological and biological. But in Mars, they do not found yet.