The Reasons Why You Have To Choose iPhone XR

Apple is one of the technology companies that are popular for laptop, computer, and smartphone products in various parts of the world. One of the high technology smartphones that created by Apple is iPhone XR. According to Apple, the iPhone XR is a new iPhone that launched in 2018. Nevertheless, it turns out that for some people the iPhone XR has a price that quite expensive.

The Specifications

The iPhone XR has been equipped with the chipset of Apple A12 Bionic. It also uses the technology that has 12nm process. So you will get the high performance in this iPhone. This technology will make the users feel comfortable even they play heavy applications or games. The capability of the chipset in this iPhone XR with the 256 GB, 128 GB, and 64 GB for internal memory.

Dual SIM

iPhone XR is the first smartphone which created by Apple that has the two SIM cards. The 1 configuration is for a nano-SIM card, and the 2 is for Esim that are embedded in it.


As we know that if the smartphone product gets the IP67 certificate means that that smartphone is resistant with the dust and water to a depth less than 1 meter with the maximum time, not more than 30 minutes. But, the water that used to test is freshwater not seawater. So if this product enters into the seawater so it will be damaged quickly.

Provided With Ios 12

This iPhone XR has the operating system that is Ios 12. This the new series of iPhone will give you a low battery consumption and of course, the better performance than the previous generations.

Face ID

As we know that the iPhone product is usually the Face ID to detecting the users. But in the iPhone XR, the Face ID is better than the previous generations to detecting face even you are in the low light place.

The Big Resolution Of Main Camera

The iPhone XR is provided with the main camera that has the big resolution until 12 MP, LED flash, and also OIS. So, you do not need to feel doubt, because this camera will produce good photos. You also can find some of the features in this camera application that can make your photos more interesting and creative.

As we know that the trio of the 2018 iPhone is provided with A12 Apple Bionic as a processor that claimed have the reliable performance more than the processor of A11 on the iPhone X. As the claimed that the A12 Apple Bionic can operation until 15 trillion times per second. The battery life is also stronger than the previous generations. You can use this iPhone XR more than 15 hours, and the previous generation just can be operated 13.5 hours.

The screen on the iPhone XR is wider than the previous generations. This type has provided with a 6.1-inch screen and the previous generation is just provided with a 5.8-inch screen. But, unfortunately, that this series is still provided with the LCD screen. Unlike the previous generation that provided with OLED screen. If you want to have the iPhone XR so you can choose some the attractive colors such as, yellow, black, white, blue, coral, and red. Those colors will make your gadget more interesting and also catchy.

For those who you don’t have a more budget, so you can prefer the iPhone XR that have the more quite cheap than another series. Even it has the more cheap price but you no need to doubt, because this series has the quality and not less sophisticated.