Sukabumi Stone: The Ideal Option for Exterior Projects

When it comes to exterior projects, selecting the right materials is crucial for achieving the desired aesthetic and durability. One such material that stands out is Sukabumi Stone. With its unique characteristics and exceptional properties, this stone has gained popularity as the ideal choice for various exterior projects.

We will delve into the remarkable qualities and advantages that have propelled this stone to become a favored option among architects, designers, and homeowners. By examining its unique attributes, we aim to uncover the reasons behind its growing popularity in the realm of exterior projects.

Why Sukabumi Stone?

Sukabumi stone, also known as Pedra Hijau Verde, or Green Stone, or Green Sukabumi Stone, has gained significant popularity in the Indonesian market as one of the best-selling natural stones.

Its appeal extends beyond national borders, with numerous five-star resorts worldwide choosing this stone for their luxurious swimming pool tiles. Notable installations can be found in renowned establishments such as the Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali, Bulgari resort & hotel in Dubai, Renaissance Pattaya Resort in Thailand, among others.

The primary reason for the extensive use of Green stone in swimming pool applications lies in its unique secret ingredient, Zeolite. Zeolite, a chemical substance present within the stone, acts as a powerful purifying agent. It effectively cleanses the pool water by absorbing heavy metals, contaminants, and unpleasant odors.

By incorporating Sukabumi stone into your swimming pool design, you not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also promote a cleaner and healthier swimming environment. The presence of Zeolite within the stone ensures the purification of the pool water, providing an enjoyable and refreshing experience for swimmers.

The Advantages of Sukabumi Stone for Exterior Project

Green Stone, renowned for its exceptional qualities, has become a preferred choice for a wide range of exterior projects. This post is aimed to explore the key advantages of Sukabumi Green Stone and why it stands out as a superior option for enhancing outdoor spaces.

Unique Aesthetic Appeal

Sukabumi Stone’s distinct natural beauty sets it apart. Its mesmerizing greenish-gray to bluish-green hues create a visually captivating and soothing atmosphere. Whether used in pool decks, facades, or landscaping, this stone adds a touch of elegance and harmony to any exterior design.

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Non-Slip Surface

Safety is paramount in outdoor spaces, especially around pools or wet areas. Sukabumi Stone’s natural non-slip properties make it an ideal choice for surfaces that are exposed to water. Its textured surface provides excellent traction, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a secure environment.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Green Stone boasts remarkable durability, making it suitable for various climates and weather conditions. It is highly resistant to cracking, fading, and deterioration caused by sun exposure, rain, and temperature fluctuations. This longevity makes this stone a cost-effective investment that can withstand the test of time.

Thermal Properties

One notable advantage of Sukabumi Green Stone is its thermal properties. It has the ability to absorb and release heat, contributing to a more comfortable outdoor environment. Whether it’s a pool deck or a patio, Sukabumi Stone helps regulate temperature, providing a pleasant surface to walk or sit on, even in hot climates.

Natural Cleansing Properties

This stone contains Zeolite, a natural mineral known for its purifying properties. When used in swimming pools or water features, Zeolite in this stone acts as a purifying agent, absorbing impurities, heavy metals, and odors, resulting in cleaner and healthier water.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

For those seeking environmentally friendly options, this stone fits the bill. Sourced from natural quarries, it is an eco-conscious choice. The stone is harvested with minimal impact on the environment, making it a sustainable and responsible option for exterior projects.

Types of Sukabumi Stones and Their Advantages for Exterior Projects

Green Stone, known for its natural beauty and unique properties, offers several types that come with their own advantages for exterior projects. Let’s explore some common types of Green Stones and their specific benefits:

1. Bali Green Sukabumi Stone


  • Bali Green Sukabumi Stone is renowned for its captivating greenish-gray to bluish-green hues. It adds a touch of elegance and tranquility to exterior designs.
  • Its textured surface provides excellent traction, making it safe for pool decks, walkways, and other areas prone to wetness.
  • Bali Green Sukabumi Stone has the ability to regulate temperature, keeping the surface cool and comfortable even in hot climates.
  • The stone contains Zeolite, which acts as a natural purifier, cleansing water and absorbing impurities, heavy metals, and bad odors.
  • It is highly durable, resistant to cracking, fading, and damage caused by harsh weather conditions.

2. Bali Ocean Wave Stone


  • The wave-like patterns on the surface of Bali Ocean Wave Stone create a visually striking and dynamic look, adding a sense of movement to outdoor spaces.
  • Its textured surface enhances safety by providing excellent grip, making it suitable for pool decks and areas near water features.
  • Bali Ocean Wave Stone is highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring its beauty lasts for years with minimal maintenance.

3. Bali Lavastone Sukabumi


  • When combined with other Sukabumi type of Stones, such as Bali Green Sukabumi Stone, Bali Lavastone creates a striking contrast, adding visual interest and depth to exterior designs.
  • The dark gray to black color of Bali Lavastone brings a touch of sophistication and elegance to outdoor spaces.
  • It is known for its high durability and ability to withstand the elements, making it suitable for various exterior applications.

4. Bali Yellow Sukabumi Stone


  • Bali Yellow Sukabumi Stone offers a unique and vibrant yellowish-green hue, adding warmth and vibrancy to exterior designs.
  • Its textured surface provides excellent traction, ensuring safety in areas exposed to water.

5. Bali Red Sukabumi Stone


  • The reddish-brown tones of Bali Red Sukabumi Stone add a distinctive and earthy aesthetic to exterior projects.
  • It is highly durable, able to withstand the elements and maintain its beauty over time.


Sukabumi Stone, also known as Green Stone, is the ideal choice for exterior projects. Its unique qualities include aesthetic appeal, non-slip surface, durability, weather resistance, thermal properties, natural cleansing abilities, and sustainability. With captivating greenish-gray to bluish-green hues, this stone adds elegance and harmony.

Its non-slip surface ensures safety, while its durability and weather resistance make it suitable for various climates. The stone’s thermal properties create a comfortable outdoor environment, and its natural cleansing properties provide cleaner water.

Sukabumi Stone offers different types, each with specific advantages. It is a superior option for enhancing outdoor spaces, combining beauty, functionality, and sustainability.