Know the 7 Benefits of Gardening for Your Health

Are you stressed out? Getting burned out easily? It may occur as you get a stressful activities and you’re under pressure doing some projects. You might also get stressed when you face exams and other things. As you want to get rid the burdening feelings, you can simply choose an activity that will make your hands and mind busy. Gardening can be a solution for everyone who’s looking for a refreshing activity. Mystargarden can be one of the sources you choose to get the inspiration for your gardening ideas. But, what makes gardening fun activity to do? Keep reading this article to know more about it!

Reasons to Make Gardening as Your Hobby

As you choose gardening to be your hobby, you can choose an activity that will give you simple relieve at home. But, you also need to know what benefits you can get from gardening. So, we’ll give you 7 benefits of gardening for your health.

  1. Gardening can relieve your stress. As you dig the soil, plant the seeds, watering them, and nurturing them, you will make your hands and mind busy. So, it will get rid of stress and make you more relaxed. Of course, you’ll love this activity!
  2. Gardening is also good to build your self-esteem. Doing everything from scratch will give you a good sense of self-esteem. You’ll believe more of your ability and get along with yourself. You can bond even better with your inner self!
  3. When you do gardening, you will do more activities and will always be active. So, you will get benefits as it helps you to be healthier and makes your heart stronger. You can be more active without even realizing it!
  4. As you use your hands more, you will also get your hands stronger! In case of experiencing the gardening benefits, you can simply choose an activity to make your hands more skilled. By planting the plants and taking care of them following Mystargarden, you will feel more skilled, too.
  5. When you plant the trees and flowers in your garden, you will also feel happier. You plant them from seeds, watering them, and giving fertilizer. Seeing them grow will make you feel happier.
  6. If you love planting vegetables and fruits, then it’s perfect to supply the best foods for your body! An organic-planted veggies and fruits will be perfect for your body. It gives you sufficient amount of vitamin to be healthy!
  7. It improves your skin condition and bones. As you get under the sun, you will absorb more vitamin D. The vitamin will help your bone and skin condition, making it healthier and appear better.

What to Plant for Beginners? on what to plant for beginners can be quite tricky. We recommend you plant something you like. But, you need to also consider the plants which are easy to plant. Some veggies are easy to plant and will be ready to be harvested faster. Consider choosing them to get a good experience when gardening. Remember, you need to choose the tips from Mystargarden!


The Biggest Upcoming Movies in 2020

There are plenty of movies that are coming in this year. But, since the arrival of the new Corona Virus or usually called Covid-19 and people in the whole world are recommended to stay at home, the production and the release of the new upcoming movies might be delayed.

Here Are Some Movies that Will Be Released in 2020

2020 may not be tough in its first half, but it’s still got some major movies to release in the next few months. Get ready to stream on the best free movie streaming sites, like Hulu Stream site here.

  • Tenet: July 17

Entering the second half of 2020, we are welcomed already by another Christopher Nolan’s great sci-fi, action movie. Tenet is another reason to get excited about what this year can still offer us.

  • Mulan: July 24

The 1998 animated version of Mulan is getting its live-action this year. The latest creation of Disney’s remake will still portray a girl from ancient China who disguised herself as a boy to fight in the army.

  • Wonder Woman 1984: August 14

You may remember how amazing the first Wonder Woman movie as you’re able to access the best free movie streaming sites like this one. We are getting the sequel of the movie, with Gal Gadot back as the heroine of the DC Universe.

  • Bill & Ted Face the Music: August 21

After nearly 30 years of hiatus, the director and two previous actors of this highly anticipated comedy movie are back with a movie of the two’s trial in saving the world by visiting old pals and enemies.

  • A Quite Place Part II: September 4

Another movie you may remember the tense in each of its scenes is A Quiet Place. Back with Emily Blunt as the protagonist, the sequel will revolve around her and her kids’ journey in escaping other monsters.

  • Black Widow: November 6

The Black Widow may not be presented with the pleasing ending in Avengers: Endgame, but turned out she deserved a movie of her own. Set during the times of Captain America: Civil War, the Black Widow got to meet new agents as well as opponents.

  • No Time to Die: November 12

This is the 25th movie of the James Bond series, and No Time to Die is no exception to how interesting a Bond movie could be. Daniel Craig will return as the super spy and is set to face off against mysterious antagonist.

  • Soul: November 20

The movie Soul is an animation movie of Jazz musician Joe, who found his body and soul have separated after being involved in an accident. It’s going to be Pixar’s next hit referring to the mind-blowing plot and famous voice actors.

  • Dune: December 18

Dune has released some posters showing off its main characters in a dessert with face and body equipment. The teasers left us in awe, so we’re really looking forward to seeing the saga of galactic top-notch actors and actresses as families, fighting off giant spy worms.

  • Top Gun Maverick: December 23

Finally, we have Top Gun Maverick to watch. The Top Gun movie was very successful back in 1986, and it’s ready to serve us with proper sequel showing the fighter pilot “Maverick” Mitchell, and others to complete the plotline.

What movie do you anticipate the most? Watch only on the best free movie streaming sites, like this one.


Parker Technology: Being One of the Best Customer Experience Team


In the digital era, building a technology-based customer experience cannot be denied because the behavior of users in acquiring the retention of a product today is always in contact with technology. As it is done as well for Parker Filter Indonesia. Being part of Parker’s company worldwide, makes every distributor in the world having the best customer experience team.

Customer experience is now the most important part of marketing strategy. Experience is the main stage to win customers’ hearts. At this stage, customers do not just obtain information or promises such as in advertisements, but customers feel and experience their own journey using products or services from a brand.

What is Parker Technology?

Parker Technology gives the best premium customer experience for its service that provides parking facilities with robust solutions. Enhancing customer experience, increasing successful payment, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring calls are the solutions that are done. “help” button on PARCS kiosk for a parking guest who wants to park and pushes the button, then the well-informed specialist from the company will answer to resolve the issues. By putting this into the personal state, this becomes a unique approach for human touch into an automated situation. That brings as well to Parker Filter Indonesia as the part of the Global Parker company.

What Makes Parker Technology Top-Rated Customer Experience

Delivering a high-level service on this field is a duty of the Department of Technical Service at Parker. Customer satisfaction is improved by the team. They have a role to drive the service of satisfaction, and they also drive to increase profitability, and maximize client retention. On the other hand, Parker Technology has six core values as a dedication to the service. Those include Honesty & Integrity, Servant’s Heart, Excellence in Communication, Critical Thinking, Noble Intent, and Goes Above & Beyond. Then the qualities of these are exemplified by each Parker member.

In addition, a structured training process has been developed by New CSRs in ensuring that the customer service to quickly speed and can be effective when they have to speak with every customer. What makes it consideration is that the understanding of CSRs about every facility is different. Then, they have been trained on where and how to find information needed to serve the customers.

Furthermore, Parker uses encouragement programs and support variety to engaged CSRs, such as:

·         It’s My Call’ board is that when a CSR faces a difficult call, they can post it to the board. it will be reviewed by a supervisor, and the CSR will be entered for a prize.

·         Quarterly appreciation is that when Parker review company progress by meeting on a quarterly basis. And they will celebrate the successes.

·         There is a game that has been developed by The QA & Training Supervisor in accelerating how to learn new facilities. These include playing the BINGO game, in which the game runs like CSRs have to fill squares while running into particular conditions in garages just like they deliver a direction for paying cash.

After all those are the information that can be shared about Parker Technology that also brings Parker Filter Indonesia being part of it as top-rated customer experience.


How to Build Quality Management System for Skill Programs

It is clear that Learnerships 2020 will focus on the application and improvement of the quality management system. As a result, the quality management system is very often to be seen and heard in every discussion around what’s to be there in a skill program or a learnership. The quality management system can mostly be understood as an environment to build and preserve in achieving both personal and group goals. The quality management system is then also viewed as a set of values that comes as a reference to what process and step are acceptable during every trial of skill program, or learnership.

What Quality?

The quality of this Quality Management System means some standards that shall be believed by everyone in the group. It reflects the exact measurement of what should and should not be done, and the degree of the process everyone should attain. Learning about the quality management system in Learnerships 2020 means to fully understand the plan and its step-by-step objectives to function well and be considered righteous in the group. The output that we can expect from it is, then, skills that someone can have when the learnership takes place to finally support the integrated symbiotic environment.

Steps of Learnership 2020

While leaning on such management system, there are 10 steps to take in the skill program or learnership:

  1. Establishing brief

The brief can come in the form of an online and offline discussion, for instance, video conference and meeting appointment.

  1. Developing a plan

Each individual should learn the group plan and evolve to certain competencies that the plan requires. The plan itself should also include material, training, assessment, implementation, and record.

  1. Developing schedule

The schedule should include the time table from training to project implementation. One that is absolutely good also shows attendees, activities, and facilities.

  1. Collecting registration and facilities

The participants of Learnerships 2020 must register themselves and sign to agree to the event’s terms and conditions. On the other hand, the organizer must appoint facilitators and materials that meet the event’s own criteria and goals.

  1. Preparing facilities and materials

Each unit should cover the event standards, as well as come out with proper qualifications. They should include guides, learning materials, to assessment instruments.

  1. Conducting event

Facilitation of the event should show combinations of methods and include various discussions and practices. This could create competency and enhance one’s workability.

  1. Conducting assessment

Hold the assessment according to the prescribed requirements and formats, both for the experimental actions and written records.

  1. Verifying result

Make sure the assessments relate to the materials during the learning process. Thus, the results can be processed thoroughly considering both the process and the scores.

  1. Measuring satisfaction

Involve the participants in objectively giving rates that will act as the event’s evaluation. In order to indicate their satisfaction, a normative questionnaire will do.

  1. Uploading result

Finally, publish the result of the Learnerships 2020 to the aimed platform. Learner who’s completed the whole procedure will earn a certificate and the organizer issued.


Getting to Know 3 Charcoal-cooked Dishes from Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with heaps of culinary products. One thing that makes Indonesian culinary more attractive is about how Indonesians cook their foods using charcoal. Indeed, you can find Indonesian charcoal factory in Indonesia itself. The use of charcoal for cooking and heating is well-known, as it makes a delicious taste towards your dishes. Indonesians also keep their tradition by cooking some of their favorite dishes using charcoal. We sum some of the best Indonesian culinary cooked using charcoal in this article. So, are you ready to explore Indonesia’s tops dishes?

Top 3 Indonesian Foods Cooked Using Charcoal

If you ever to Indonesia, you will see so many grilled foods. It makes sense as Indonesia’s culinary is vast and various, considering Indonesia consists of many provinces with its own characters in developing foods and delicacies. There are also many Indonesian Charcoal Factory that provide its basic ingredients to make those variety of foods. With the high demand for charcoal, you can find charcoal factory in Indonesia. Nowadays, many traditional restaurants also provide charcoal grill to add authentic taste. Here are the top 3 of best Indonesian foods cooked using charcoal:

  1. Sate is one of the best foods in Indonesia. You can find sate from chicken or lambs, as it is unique and juicy. When you choose to consume satay, you can find plenty of delicacies that will come alongside the satay. The soy sauce or peanut sauce can add taste to your satay, making it more delicious. You can eat this with lontong or ketupat to make you feel fuller.
  2. Serabi or coconut cake is also an authentic food made by cooking it with charcoal. You will get this snack in some markets, as it is one of the traditional foods. You will taste a sensation of sweet yet a bit salty coconut milk. The crusty, slightly burnt bottom side of the snack adds more sensation when you eat them. It is definitely a snack you’ll love!
  3. Mi Jawa or Javanese-style fried noodles will also add your list of Indonesian foods that need to be tried. It gives you an authentic taste you will never forget. A slightly burnt mi Jawa is also a good thing to try. It doesn’t only give you a unique taste when eating them, but also a simple yet delicious food to make you feel fuller when eating.

Those are some foods you can try in Indonesia, to make sure you enjoy consuming the foods. Besides of those three foods, you can still find many dishes made by grilling or cooking using charcoal. It shows how Indonesian culinary is more unique and delicious when you use charcoal. It makes your foods more delicious and also fragrant.

Why Cooking with Charcoal?

Once you try Indonesian dishes, you will feel a sensation of comfort. Indeed, Indonesian culinary is such a comfort food. Its rich seasoning and delicious taste will never make you forget about the taste. As you choose the foods, you will also get the best from the nation. Cooking using charcoal also helps the heat to be distributed perfectly, making the foods more delicious and cooked at the same time. Besides, charcoal made the foods more fragrant, so it will be really good for you, right? In Indonesia, you can purchase charcoal freely, produced by the Indonesian charcoal factory.


Students’ Guide to Stay Healthy and Productive at Home

The school has been delayed to further notice. Indeed, it makes some students happy at first. But, as the stay-at-home measures to fight this Covid-19 situation get longer, many students also feel bored at home. But, being bored doesn’t mean you have to stop your activities. In case of fighting against boredom, why don’t you do something fun or keep yourself productive with the schedule template? You can organize your day using some templates from the web. These templates are free and you’ll get them easily. But, what activities should you put on the schedule?

Arranging a Healthy Schedule for Students

Being at home doesn’t mean you have to get bored. In the case of being productive and still be healthy, you can choose some things that will be suitable for your daily routine. Organizing your daily routine will be important, as you will experience so many days to handle. Overtiring will also harm your health during this condition. Here are some things you can add to your schedule:

  1. Morning

Always start your day with exercise. A simple exercise like walking or stretching will help your body to prepare for the day’s activities. Put your exercise routine on your schedule template and get your body ready for the day. Add breakfast and morning learning to catch up with your online school schedule, too.

  1. Afternoon

In the afternoon, make sure to take a break from your activities. Just like your days at school, you can enjoy taking rest. Besides, you can also stretch your body to relieve stiff muscles after studying. You can also enjoy your meal or take a nap, as long as it doesn’t clash with your online school schedule.

  1. Evening

It is your free time after a day full of productive activities. To make sure you have fun during the evening, why don’t you do something relaxing? Reading books or doing your hobby will help. You can also talk with your family about anything. Simply having rest for tomorrow’s schedule will also be good for you. So, you can get another productive day tomorrow.

Those are some things you can consider for your life. as you choose how to organize your schedule template, you can get them perfectly when choosing the activities. By doing that, you will never regret what you do on your day.

Organizing Your Weekend Schedule

On the weekend, you can consider some activities like doing your hobby and others. It helps you to relieve your stress and you can manage your body health. Doing an exercise like basketball at home with your family will help. Besides, you can also use your spare time to cook. Cooking will also be good for getting rid of your cravings to the foods you usually take before the quarantine. Enjoying your days will be so much fun if you do it at home. You can still do your favorite things and you can catch up with the packed school schedule. So, you will never get bored at home doing your activities during quarantine with a schedule template.


A Guide in Finding and Buying a Vespa Sidecar

Vespa has been a hobby for some people. As one of the classic vehicles, Vespa has a special place in the heart of the fans. From its retro look to its unique character, many people are rooting for this beautiful vehicle. In case of adding a beautiful accent to your Vespa, a unique Vespa sidecar will complete the look. It is an accessory every scooter owner wants. When it comes to you to choose a perfect sidecar to match your scooter. In the case of choosing the right sidecar, we have some tips to consider before purchasing one.

What to Consider Before Buying a Vespa Sidecar

Finding a good sidecar is a choice for you. Before you decide to purchase anything for your scooter, you better consider some tips that will be good and useful for you. By making sure that you can buy a perfect sidecar for your scooter, you will get plenty of good Vespa sidecar to consider. Here are some things you should know about.

  1. Before purchasing them, you need to do research for it. You can do online and offline research, as you will compare the price and other aspects of the sidecar you’re about to purchase. Finding a good comparison will also be good and easy for you. Besides, you also can do research about some potential problems that might occur when you choose a particular type of sidecar.
  2. Purchasing a good sidecar is a key to make sure you can get them for you. In case of choosing a sidecar, consider which product would you use. Will you choose the imported one or the local one? By considering this thing, you will get a comparison that will be suitable for you. Thus, you’ll get plenty of things to consider for stepping up the game.
  3. Consider choosing the best one for your needs. Do you need something good for your riding experience? If you do, you can get plenty of considerations to get the ones from an established manufacturer. It helps you to make sure your sidecar is the best. Besides, it will also give you plenty of good things for you.

Those are the things you need to consider when you want to have a Vespa sidecar. Considering purchasing the sidecar from the best manufacturer will be good. Besides, you will also find it easy to consider before you complete your scooter and make it more fashionable.

The Benefits of Having a Sidecar

A sidecar is what you need when you want to bring more people to your scooter. In the case of choosing the best scooter, you can start by having a good sidecar from a well-established manufacturer. It makes sure you get the right product for you. Besides, the quality will speak for itself, as it will be good for everyone who’s looking for a good thing for completing your scooter, so you can use it perfectly. So, what about choosing the Vespa sidecar? You can find the best now!


5 Essential Gaming Equipment Every Gamer Must Have

Do you want to do well as a pro gamer nowadays? If so, you must have the essential gaming equipment to support your action, then. This time on Michmaa, we are going to talk about them, from the basic ones to unique, specifically modified pieces. We believe that actually there are at least 5 that are the most necessary. As a good PC gamer, you should get prepared and have these items in your room to make your gaming experience even more incredible.

Important Gaming Equipment

Below are the 5 essential gaming equipment that every gamer must have and set up, including you:

  1. Gaming PC

You should get a personal gaming PC that is also equipped with supported specifications. For your reference, you can always look up to Michmaa for the PC types or models, and specifications that are suitable enough for gaming. Or else, you can look at the variety of it in the market, from the affordable to exclusive ones. If it is possible for you to spend such a sufficient amount of money, you are always allowed to treat yourself with the coolest item you can afford.

  1. LED Monitor

To enhance the image quality, and achieve more superior video presentation, a pro gamer shall have a separate monitor for playing games. In fact, there have been specific LED monitors that are built especially for gaming. For your information, a good LED monitor for gaming should have low input lag. This is developed to offer you nice visuals when you play fast-paced games.

  1. Wired Controller

To support your ability and performance while playing games, you are highly recommended to own a wired controller. There are actually wired and non-wired type, and every one of them has its own benefits for the users. The core advantage you can earn from the wired one is that it is very handy, so you’ll feel comfortable in holding and operating it.

  1. Gaming keyboard and mouse

When you realize that gaming has been one of the most important parts of your life, you shall also realize that you need a specific gaming keyboard and mouse to set up. Indeed, gaming keyboard and mouse are the elements that are often used by pro gamers. Before having one, keep in mind that they should be in proper shape, moreover have an additional fancy feature like colorful light. You can also have a good mouse pad with you when you think it’s necessary.

  1. Internet connection

A Reliable internet connection indeed will play a very fundamental role in your gaming experience. If you really want to be a pro gamer, you are encouraged to start investing in a strong internet connection, both for practices and playing times. From us, it’d be much better for you to use fiber-optic broadband for your gaming internet connection.

So, there is the 5 most essential gaming equipment you must have as a pro gamer. Realizing the importance of those components, start preparing them to ensure you have satisfying gaming experience. Finally, you can always look for more other recommendations on the Michmaa page.


Understanding the Vast Use of Palm Oil

For years, palm oil has been one of the most versatile products. It can be found in plenty of industries, ranging from foods to cosmetics. When it comes to you to understand the use of palm oil and how it can be functioned in the industry, you can get the best for it. To find the best palm oil and kernel oil, palm oil mill in Indonesia gets the most suitable business for you. The products are available in a wide range, so you can consider the best of them. So what are the things you can consider for your business? We will explain the vast and versatility of palm oil in industries.

The Use Of Palm Oil In Various Industries

Getting to know the vast use of palm oil will bring you the best of it. In this case, you can get the most of it by understanding the idea of the use in various industries. Here are some industries where you can find palm oil from palm oil mill in Indonesia:

  1. Consumer food

The retail food industry is one of the biggest industries which use palm oil. In case of finding the best products from palm oil, you can get the most of it by choosing the right option. It is useful for cooking foods and other products in the industry.

  1. Industrial

Who says palm oil can’t be used in the industry? Actually, plenty of industries use palm oil for easing the process. In the case of choosing the best result in the industry, you can get the best of it by getting along with the industrial use of palm oil and get the investment in the industry.

  1. Cosmetics and personal care

The use of palm oil in cosmetics and personal care industry is no longer a myth. In this case, cosmetics use oil to make emulsion to form a good product. Palm oil will help you a lot when you need something to moisturize your skin. You can find palm oil in most of cosmetics and personal care products such as shampoo, lotion, and soap.

As one of the most versatile products in the market, palm oil takes a very important role in your needs. It helps you a lot in finding the best way to get a product with good quality. Some industries like palm oil mill in Indonesia will be one of the most suitable businesses for you.

The Investment Potential Of Palm Oil

For everyone who sees palm oil as a good product for versatile use, this will be a very good thing. You can choose the most of it by getting the right option in the industry. Choose the right company where you invest your money and you can get the best of it. When it comes to you to choose the best business, you can also invest your money on how it improves your business. Choose the right business that will be suitable for you and it will be so much better by choosing to invest in palm oil mill in Indonesia.


Top Techno Movies You Should Watch

On the internet, you can find various online streaming sites such as online movie Stream Kinox. You can find various types and genres of movies on online movie streaming sites. There are documentaries and educational movies, as well as techno movies available for you to watch online. By using online streaming providers, you can save a lot of time and money. You can find various types of movies and watch on-demand. You can relax on your couch and eat popcorn while you are watching on smartphones or computers.

Streaming Movies and Films Online

You can get a lot of benefits by watching movies on online sites such as Stream Kinox. You can watch movies and documentaries on-demand. That’s right, you can watch anytime you want in your home. You do not have to go outside to the theater or wait for the television broadcast of your favorite movie. You can enjoy your movie from the very comfort of your home at any time of your liking.

Techno Movies

On online streaming sites such as Stream Kinox, you can find various movies. You can also watch documentaries or educational movies. You can find various genres such as romance of techno movies. On streaming services, you can also see a lot of translation choices. Thus, no matter where you are from, you can find various subtitles so you can also enjoy foreign movies.

Here are some of the most popular movies that you can watch on various movie sources:

  1. Under the Electric Sky

Under the Electric sky is a movie released in 2014. It is a 3D movie about chronicles of love and the communities of a festival during Electric Daisy Carnival in the US.

  1. Invader ZIM

It is an animated movie created by Jhonen Vasquez and starred by Andy Berman. It tells you stories about an alien named Zim. The alien comes from planet Irk and was sent to conquer the earth. Zim disguised himself as a young human. However, a boy named Dib knows through Zim’s disguises.

Invader Zim is one of the most rated animation series. It has about 66 episodes and received a lot of positive critics.

  1. Beat

The beat is a movie that tells you about a famous techno club in Berlin, Germany. Beat works as a promoter and also does not miss all the parties himself. Then, the British secret service recruits him as an insider agent. Not long after, he finds a lot of corruptions are happening around him.

As you can see, there are bests techno movies that you can watch online nowadays. It is relatively easy to watch and stream movies using online streaming services. You can use the browser from your computers. Also, you can find various apps that can also work as video streaming services. People nowadays prefer to use online movie services since it is very easy to use and fast.

In addition to user-friendly, online streaming services are pretty affordable. You can watch a limitless number of movies at low prices. You can also find some free videos online from other movie streaming platforms. One of the best-selling points of online movie providers is that the user can watch a movie on demand. The users do not need to go outside or wait until the movie got aired. They can watch any released movie at any time they want.

There are a lot of advantages and benefits which you can get by streaming movie online. Nowadays, youngsters prefer to watch videos and movies on demand. If you like techno movies and want to watch it any time and anywhere you want, you can visit Stream Kinox to get further details and info.