Main Things About Balinese Architecture

Having a private house or resort in Bali is not impossible, you can look for Bali architecture firms to make your dreams come true. There is no need to doubt the expertise of Balinese architecture, you can see how their work is very proud of both local people and immigrants who have homes in Bali.

If you visit Bali, you will see many stunning traditional buildings. Almost all traditional buildings in Bali are designed based on the principles of tradition and belief system of the Balinese people, namely those who are predominantly Hindu. So don’t be surprised if almost all the buildings here are very unique.

Here, you will easily find houses, temples, and palaces built with a unique structure, namely a walled fence. Each of these structures has a unique function. The influence of Balinese culture and belief systems makes Balinese architecture have its characteristics.

The expertise of Balinese artists cannot be doubted. Many tourists come to Bali to build luxury resorts, villas, hotels, and even their private homes here. Not only do they just visit and vacation in Bali, but they also have a place to stay that they can rely on when they get to Bali.

Now you can find modern houses or luxury resorts with the best architectural works. These architects succeeded in building a house that is in line with Balinese culture.

Balinese Architecture and Aesthetic Techniques

If you look at the buildings in Bali, almost all of them are similar, especially traditional buildings. This arises because of the influence of Hindu culture and religion on building architecture which has existed for centuries.

Because of this tradition and culture, the island of Bali has succeeded in creating great architecture with its characteristics. They are guided by culture and religion, many Balinese architects create sacred places with concepts that are in line with their beliefs.

One of the principles of Balinese architecture is to create buildings that are harmonious and balanced. Some regulations must be followed by Balinese architecture, cultural figures, and the Balinese regional government which stipulates that all buildings to be built in the Bali area must not exceed 15 meters in height or exceed coconut trees.

So for those of you who are planning to build a resort, house, or hotel, you must follow these official regulations. Even though you are going to build a modern house, you also have to respect Balinese culture and traditions.

Many people have opinions about Balinese architecture, they are famous for their many advantages and uniqueness. Here are some things you need to know about Balinese architecture:

Contemporary Architecture

Balinese architecture is already very famous in Asia, but now Balinese architecture is becoming increasingly global and has become a style. Currently, much Balinese architecture combines classy tropical design with traditional elements. This is what makes many modern buildings in Bali seem unique and modern but still seem traditional.

Most of the villas, private homes, restaurants, and hotels are inspired by elements of Balinese culture and contemporary architectural concepts. The architects succeeded in combining these two things, you can even see it from the shape of the building, the aesthetics of the building, and the use of building materials typical of traditional Balinese houses.

Balinese architecture uses art during its construction. So it is not surprising that the resulting building is very beautiful, unique, and luxurious but not far from the traditional Balinese impression.

The ever-growing art of Balinese architecture provides many other beauties in Bali. You can find design influences from various parts of the world in many modern buildings such as villas, hotels, and other places.

Many Balinese buildings are the result of a millennial touch. This is what makes the harmony on the island of Bali even more beautiful and unforgettable.

Comply with Official Rules

The increasing number of immigrants to Bali has resulted in many cultural figures and local governments making official regulations. Bali is a region that has a very dominant culture and traditions, so the government and cultural figures must maintain this.

Because there are many new and modern buildings in Bali, the local government has made new regulations regarding buildings to be built in Bali.

Balinese architects must also be guided by these regulations. Here there is an official regulation that has been passed, namely that all buildings that will be built, whether hotels, villas, private homes, or other public places, must not exceed the height of a coconut tree, namely 15 meters.

You must also respect Balinese rules and traditions. For this reason, many Bali architecture firms have implemented this rule, especially for those of you who intend to build a villa or private house in Bali.

Although you will find many modern buildings, the majority of these buildings will not exceed 15 meters. These buildings tend to be wide and spacious, apart from respecting tradition, this shows maximum natural beauty.

Combination of Traditional and Modern Culture

Balinese architecture is now showing progress. Not only do traditional buildings have high cultural value, but now you can find many buildings that are a combination of traditional and modern culture.

The touch of modern design makes Bali have very beautiful villas and houses. Most of the concepts are a modern tropical lifestyle that still shows traditional elements.

This combination produces beautiful and graceful buildings. Almost all buildings in Bali have their own beauty and luxury values.

Having a private house or villa in Bali is the best investment for your life. Apart from being a place to stop while you are in Bali, you can also rent out your private building.

Balinese architecture is now influenced by modern design, making many Balinese buildings have many advantages. Apart from the design, you can feel the houses are sophisticated but still cool and surrounded by shady trees.

The beauty of Balinese buildings makes you feel at home living here. Bali architecture firms will help you realize your dream of owning a private house or villa with a unique concept but still paying attention to Balinese traditions.