How to Get Free Mobile Legends Diamonds

Mobile Legends has successfully caught people’s attention to download and play this game.  This game provides several various heroes. They have different roles and abilities. To get heroes and to maximize their power is not easy.  Players should play the games many times and stay updated and online every day so they will not miss free things offered by Mobile Legends such as Battle Points, Fragments, Heroes Trials, Tickets, and Diamonds. Almost all of the players might agree that they want to get free Diamonds in Mobile Legends than the other items.

Why Do People Want To Get Diamonds So Bad?

Diamond is the only premium thing in Mobile Legends. Players can use Diamonds for plenty of precious things such as buying heroes, buying heroes’ skin, turning the lucky spin, getting rare skin, sending the skin and choosing heroes in Brawl mode as it has been known that players can only get two options to choose heroes in Brawl mode. Unfortunately, all of the players know that they cannot get Diamonds for free because they have to use real money to redeem Diamonds. It will be for the players. No need to be sad, there are ways players can get free Diamonds in Mobile Legends as explained in Info Technology.

How To Get Free Diamonds

  1. Watching famous gamers’ live streaming

Apparently, watching well-known gamers’ live streaming can be one of the ways to get free Diamonds. These famous gamers often give their followers free Diamonds so they will get many views. In other words, it is part of their promotion. It is something players cannot be missed. Moreover, players should have known who the famous gamers are, they can name them easily. They can stay tuned on their live streaming and ask free Diamonds directly to the gamers in the comment section.

  1. Doing the live streaming

Doing live streaming is another easy thing the players can do to get free Diamonds in Mobile Legend. They just play and talk nicely and amazingly through their game. They can give a review of the new hero and how to handle it well. Otherwise, they can give an example of how to win easily. Those ways will interest the other players to see. Furthermore, the viewers sometimes give Diamonds as thank for the valuable live streaming.

  1. Joining the tournament

Since there are a million of players and fans in Mobile Legends, this game throws a tournament to see which the best team is. Players can join the tournament because they can get free Diamonds if they can win the tournament. It should be noted to use the heroes they are best in so they can win easily. Getting practice with teammates every day can be done since this game is teamwork game after all.

Watching famous gamers’ live streaming, doing the live streaming, and join the tournament are three ways to get free Diamonds in Mobile Legends. Players will not need to spend their money to buy the Diamonds they want. Now, time to execute those tips.