Getting to Know 3 Charcoal-cooked Dishes from Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with heaps of culinary products. One thing that makes Indonesian culinary more attractive is about how Indonesians cook their foods using charcoal. Indeed, you can find Indonesian charcoal factory in Indonesia itself. The use of charcoal for cooking and heating is well-known, as it makes a delicious taste towards your dishes. Indonesians also keep their tradition by cooking some of their favorite dishes using charcoal. We sum some of the best Indonesian culinary cooked using charcoal in this article. So, are you ready to explore Indonesia’s tops dishes?

Top 3 Indonesian Foods Cooked Using Charcoal

If you ever to Indonesia, you will see so many grilled foods. It makes sense as Indonesia’s culinary is vast and various, considering Indonesia consists of many provinces with its own characters in developing foods and delicacies. There are also many Indonesian Charcoal Factory that provide its basic ingredients to make those variety of foods. With the high demand for charcoal, you can find charcoal factory in Indonesia. Nowadays, many traditional restaurants also provide charcoal grill to add authentic taste. Here are the top 3 of best Indonesian foods cooked using charcoal:

  1. Sate is one of the best foods in Indonesia. You can find sate from chicken or lambs, as it is unique and juicy. When you choose to consume satay, you can find plenty of delicacies that will come alongside the satay. The soy sauce or peanut sauce can add taste to your satay, making it more delicious. You can eat this with lontong or ketupat to make you feel fuller.
  2. Serabi or coconut cake is also an authentic food made by cooking it with charcoal. You will get this snack in some markets, as it is one of the traditional foods. You will taste a sensation of sweet yet a bit salty coconut milk. The crusty, slightly burnt bottom side of the snack adds more sensation when you eat them. It is definitely a snack you’ll love!
  3. Mi Jawa or Javanese-style fried noodles will also add your list of Indonesian foods that need to be tried. It gives you an authentic taste you will never forget. A slightly burnt mi Jawa is also a good thing to try. It doesn’t only give you a unique taste when eating them, but also a simple yet delicious food to make you feel fuller when eating.

Those are some foods you can try in Indonesia, to make sure you enjoy consuming the foods. Besides of those three foods, you can still find many dishes made by grilling or cooking using charcoal. It shows how Indonesian culinary is more unique and delicious when you use charcoal. It makes your foods more delicious and also fragrant.

Why Cooking with Charcoal?

Once you try Indonesian dishes, you will feel a sensation of comfort. Indeed, Indonesian culinary is such a comfort food. Its rich seasoning and delicious taste will never make you forget about the taste. As you choose the foods, you will also get the best from the nation. Cooking using charcoal also helps the heat to be distributed perfectly, making the foods more delicious and cooked at the same time. Besides, charcoal made the foods more fragrant, so it will be really good for you, right? In Indonesia, you can purchase charcoal freely, produced by the Indonesian charcoal factory.