Parker Technology: Being One of the Best Customer Experience Team


In the digital era, building a technology-based customer experience cannot be denied because the behavior of users in acquiring the retention of a product today is always in contact with technology. As it is done as well for Parker Filter Indonesia. Being part of Parker’s company worldwide, makes every distributor in the world having the best customer experience team.

Customer experience is now the most important part of marketing strategy. Experience is the main stage to win customers’ hearts. At this stage, customers do not just obtain information or promises such as in advertisements, but customers feel and experience their own journey using products or services from a brand.

What is Parker Technology?

Parker Technology gives the best premium customer experience for its service that provides parking facilities with robust solutions. Enhancing customer experience, increasing successful payment, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring calls are the solutions that are done. “help” button on PARCS kiosk for a parking guest who wants to park and pushes the button, then the well-informed specialist from the company will answer to resolve the issues. By putting this into the personal state, this becomes a unique approach for human touch into an automated situation. That brings as well to Parker Filter Indonesia as the part of the Global Parker company.

What Makes Parker Technology Top-Rated Customer Experience

Delivering a high-level service on this field is a duty of the Department of Technical Service at Parker. Customer satisfaction is improved by the team. They have a role to drive the service of satisfaction, and they also drive to increase profitability, and maximize client retention. On the other hand, Parker Technology has six core values as a dedication to the service. Those include Honesty & Integrity, Servant’s Heart, Excellence in Communication, Critical Thinking, Noble Intent, and Goes Above & Beyond. Then the qualities of these are exemplified by each Parker member.

In addition, a structured training process has been developed by New CSRs in ensuring that the customer service to quickly speed and can be effective when they have to speak with every customer. What makes it consideration is that the understanding of CSRs about every facility is different. Then, they have been trained on where and how to find information needed to serve the customers.

Furthermore, Parker uses encouragement programs and support variety to engaged CSRs, such as:

·         It’s My Call’ board is that when a CSR faces a difficult call, they can post it to the board. it will be reviewed by a supervisor, and the CSR will be entered for a prize.

·         Quarterly appreciation is that when Parker review company progress by meeting on a quarterly basis. And they will celebrate the successes.

·         There is a game that has been developed by The QA & Training Supervisor in accelerating how to learn new facilities. These include playing the BINGO game, in which the game runs like CSRs have to fill squares while running into particular conditions in garages just like they deliver a direction for paying cash.

After all those are the information that can be shared about Parker Technology that also brings Parker Filter Indonesia being part of it as top-rated customer experience.


How to Build Quality Management System for Skill Programs

It is clear that Learnerships 2020 will focus on the application and improvement of the quality management system. As a result, the quality management system is very often to be seen and heard in every discussion around what’s to be there in a skill program or a learnership. The quality management system can mostly be understood as an environment to build and preserve in achieving both personal and group goals. The quality management system is then also viewed as a set of values that comes as a reference to what process and step are acceptable during every trial of skill program, or learnership.

What Quality?

The quality of this Quality Management System means some standards that shall be believed by everyone in the group. It reflects the exact measurement of what should and should not be done, and the degree of the process everyone should attain. Learning about the quality management system in Learnerships 2020 means to fully understand the plan and its step-by-step objectives to function well and be considered righteous in the group. The output that we can expect from it is, then, skills that someone can have when the learnership takes place to finally support the integrated symbiotic environment.

Steps of Learnership 2020

While leaning on such management system, there are 10 steps to take in the skill program or learnership:

  1. Establishing brief

The brief can come in the form of an online and offline discussion, for instance, video conference and meeting appointment.

  1. Developing a plan

Each individual should learn the group plan and evolve to certain competencies that the plan requires. The plan itself should also include material, training, assessment, implementation, and record.

  1. Developing schedule

The schedule should include the time table from training to project implementation. One that is absolutely good also shows attendees, activities, and facilities.

  1. Collecting registration and facilities

The participants of Learnerships 2020 must register themselves and sign to agree to the event’s terms and conditions. On the other hand, the organizer must appoint facilitators and materials that meet the event’s own criteria and goals.

  1. Preparing facilities and materials

Each unit should cover the event standards, as well as come out with proper qualifications. They should include guides, learning materials, to assessment instruments.

  1. Conducting event

Facilitation of the event should show combinations of methods and include various discussions and practices. This could create competency and enhance one’s workability.

  1. Conducting assessment

Hold the assessment according to the prescribed requirements and formats, both for the experimental actions and written records.

  1. Verifying result

Make sure the assessments relate to the materials during the learning process. Thus, the results can be processed thoroughly considering both the process and the scores.

  1. Measuring satisfaction

Involve the participants in objectively giving rates that will act as the event’s evaluation. In order to indicate their satisfaction, a normative questionnaire will do.

  1. Uploading result

Finally, publish the result of the Learnerships 2020 to the aimed platform. Learner who’s completed the whole procedure will earn a certificate and the organizer issued.


5 Essential Gaming Equipment Every Gamer Must Have

Do you want to do well as a pro gamer nowadays? If so, you must have the essential gaming equipment to support your action, then. This time on Michmaa, we are going to talk about them, from the basic ones to unique, specifically modified pieces. We believe that actually there are at least 5 that are the most necessary. As a good PC gamer, you should get prepared and have these items in your room to make your gaming experience even more incredible.

Important Gaming Equipment

Below are the 5 essential gaming equipment that every gamer must have and set up, including you:

  1. Gaming PC

You should get a personal gaming PC that is also equipped with supported specifications. For your reference, you can always look up to Michmaa for the PC types or models, and specifications that are suitable enough for gaming. Or else, you can look at the variety of it in the market, from the affordable to exclusive ones. If it is possible for you to spend such a sufficient amount of money, you are always allowed to treat yourself with the coolest item you can afford.

  1. LED Monitor

To enhance the image quality, and achieve more superior video presentation, a pro gamer shall have a separate monitor for playing games. In fact, there have been specific LED monitors that are built especially for gaming. For your information, a good LED monitor for gaming should have low input lag. This is developed to offer you nice visuals when you play fast-paced games.

  1. Wired Controller

To support your ability and performance while playing games, you are highly recommended to own a wired controller. There are actually wired and non-wired type, and every one of them has its own benefits for the users. The core advantage you can earn from the wired one is that it is very handy, so you’ll feel comfortable in holding and operating it.

  1. Gaming keyboard and mouse

When you realize that gaming has been one of the most important parts of your life, you shall also realize that you need a specific gaming keyboard and mouse to set up. Indeed, gaming keyboard and mouse are the elements that are often used by pro gamers. Before having one, keep in mind that they should be in proper shape, moreover have an additional fancy feature like colorful light. You can also have a good mouse pad with you when you think it’s necessary.

  1. Internet connection

A Reliable internet connection indeed will play a very fundamental role in your gaming experience. If you really want to be a pro gamer, you are encouraged to start investing in a strong internet connection, both for practices and playing times. From us, it’d be much better for you to use fiber-optic broadband for your gaming internet connection.

So, there is the 5 most essential gaming equipment you must have as a pro gamer. Realizing the importance of those components, start preparing them to ensure you have satisfying gaming experience. Finally, you can always look for more other recommendations on the Michmaa page.


Medical Clinic Website Template

Do you work in a medical or healthcare company? If you want to advertise your health service and clinic via Internet, you can find various web timesheet template to help you build your medical advertising website. In addition, there are many website template providers that offer free templates. Nowadays, service-centric businesses are launching their own websites. It also includes various health companies and clinics. With online services, they are able to better provide information and schedule to their customers.

Using templates to begin your new website is highly advantageous. It takes a lot of time and hard work to code everything from the beginning. With online templates such as timesheet template, you can start right away and bypass a lot of designing and coding steps.

Creating a Website

Coding and creating websites are not a simple task. A new programmer can indeed create a simple online website. However, creating a good, reliable, and beautiful websites for big business takes a lot of work. Thus, it is not a simple thing to be taken lightly.

When your service is based on health and other kinds of serious businesses, you need to have your website to provide the best experience for the visitors. Websites are gateway which can be accessed to all your potential costumers without having to attend the physical site directly. Thus, it is likely to have more potential customers to visit your web page first before they are going to choose your service. Providing a bad, slow, unreliable, and messy could put your business in jeopardy. It would be bad if an unreliable and ill-written online site makes you and your company lose customers.

Website Template

If you are working on a clinic and healthcare services, it is important to provide the best experience to your customers. Thus, your healthcare website needs to have good templates. Luckily, in this day and age, there are people who provide free website templates.

Here are the advantages of using the already existing templates for the new company’s website and overall work management.

  1. Fast and Easy to Begin

Website templates such as bootstrap or multipurpose templates provide the basic needs to build a working website for your company. Thus, you do not need to build everything from the ground up. With already existing website templates, you can bypass the early coding and design by using the template instead and work your way up from there.

  1. Easier to manage and track employee

Aside from jumpstarting the first step of making a new website, templates can also improve your business management. Templates such as timesheet template also provide you and the managers the ability to track your employees and their work schedules. With the proper timesheet papers, the management can better organize and evaluate the employees. It can also help you to simplify payroll.

Healthcare, clinic and many other service-based businesses require a good website for their customers. When it comes to business management, they require a well calculated and designed organization. Thus, it is recommended for you to acquire more information regarding website templates and timesheet template.


Things to Know Before You Start Coding HTML

HTML is the beginning of any web development. HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the basics of web design that defines the meaning and structure of web content.

Before you jump into it, it’s not a bad thing to know some early tricks. When coding it, you can create extra space in HTML in various ways depending on the type of space you want to create.

What Is HTML?

HTML is the basics of the basics. It is the first building block of developing a web. HTML gives information to the browser which part of the page is a header, footer, where the paragraphs are, images, graphics, video placements, and many more. The browser will take HTML codes along with the contents and translates them to your computer screen. Not only the basics, but HTML is also the standard of most industry standard coding. It can be understood by most browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and many others.


Are you planning to have a career in a web developer? If you want to get a job as a tech developer, then it is very important to start learning to code HTML. A web developer can be a very high-paying job. It could give you 73.000 USD salary a year. Thus, Jobs that require you to be proficient in coding HTML can be very profitable. Moreover, web developers and IT workers are currently in really high demand.

Here are a few tips and tricks for you before you start learning coding HTML:

  1. Creating Extra Space Between Paragraph

When you want to create extra space in HTML between paragraphs. You can use the tag <br>. You can add this when you need the extra space once between a line of text.

  1. Understanding Basic Computer Work

It is highly advised that before you start coding in HTML, you must have a basic understanding of operating a computer. You will be required to understand a simple computer work environment such as installing software and managing files.

  1. Understanding the Metadata

The head of HTML is the part of a document that is not displayed when the page is loaded by the web browser. The head contains information such as the <title>. Links to various contents such as CSS, custom favicons, and metadata.

Metadata depending on the writer can be the important key to read the whole document. The key role of the HTML programming language is Semantic. It is when the programming language gives the written text meaning. When coding HTML, it is also important to know how to use hyperlinks. It makes the website a website. If you want to build your own web, knowing the syntax in HTML is crucial.

For programmers and web developers out there, HTML is a very important coding to understand. If you want to pursue a career in the field of technology, learning to code HTML is a must. This article briefly shows you about a few things that you should know before jumping into HTML. There are some basic introductions of creating extra space in HTML, metadata, hyperlink and a few others. Ready to make your own website? Good! Learn the coding now and may you succeed with your new webpage.


Top 6 Advantages that iPhone Has Over Android

The exploding of technology has created bunches of varied handphones. The most dreaming phone is iPhone and Android. These brands of phones compete for each other by updating new features, improving their performances and fixing the bugs.

Which Brand Is The Most Liked?

Long story short, most people will agree that the iPhone has been proven to be the best phone that can beat Android devices. There are bunches valid reasons conveyed by iPhone’s users that will convince people to win iPhones over Android.

  1. Quick at updating OS

People know that the iPhone manages its own phone and its update since the company only needs to focus on one phone only so the updates can be directly used by all of the iPhone. The result of the update will be quick to be seen on iPhone than Android. Moreover, the features offering by Android sometimes cannot work properly on all of the Android devices because of the difference between manufacturer and characteristics of the phone.

  1. The variety of updates

Most of the updates provided by Android devices are bug fixes and security patches. Meanwhile, the updates given by the iPhone are more varied. Apple often creates creative and marvelous things for its users. Moreover, it is famous for its originality and sometimes its features are copied by its rivals.

  1. High concern on safety and security

Apple has strict requirements for developers or third parties who want to place their apps in the App store. Apple thinks highly of security and safety because it wants its users’ privacy to keep hidden and free from viruses and malware. If the developers cannot meet those requirements, the application will be denied and the application cannot be placed in the App Store.

  1. The facility to listen to the music

iPhone knows that life without music will be empty.  Since the iPhone puts high concern on safety, it builds its own music application. iTunes is the answer for the music lovers. It allows users to be able to sync music easily. Hence, users are not required to download any third party for music application. Unlike iPhone, Android users have to click and drag the file to their phone. Moreover, they have to download third-party-application if they want to get the best music application.

  1. Easy to use

The iPhone makes sure that the users can find their application easily. They do not go through settings if they are eager to find any application. Furthermore, it assures users that all applications can work properly and will not experience any crush problem that makes them inconvenience.

  1. The existence of Microsoft 365

It will be the most magnificent news for iPhone users. There are Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint installed on the phone. It brings the joys for users since they access, edit and view files easily everywhere they are.

Those reasons win iPhones over Android. Despite of the price, it gives mighty features that pamper their customers. Don’t worry people don’t need to waste money on it, they can win iPhones by joining this blog.


How to Get Free Mobile Legends Diamonds

Mobile Legends has successfully caught people’s attention to download and play this game.  This game provides several various heroes. They have different roles and abilities. To get heroes and to maximize their power is not easy.  Players should play the games many times and stay updated and online every day so they will not miss free things offered by Mobile Legends such as Battle Points, Fragments, Heroes Trials, Tickets, and Diamonds. Almost all of the players might agree that they want to get free Diamonds in Mobile Legends than the other items.

Why Do People Want To Get Diamonds So Bad?

Diamond is the only premium thing in Mobile Legends. Players can use Diamonds for plenty of precious things such as buying heroes, buying heroes’ skin, turning the lucky spin, getting rare skin, sending the skin and choosing heroes in Brawl mode as it has been known that players can only get two options to choose heroes in Brawl mode. Unfortunately, all of the players know that they cannot get Diamonds for free because they have to use real money to redeem Diamonds. It will be for the players. No need to be sad, there are ways players can get free Diamonds in Mobile Legends as explained in Info Technology.

How To Get Free Diamonds

  1. Watching famous gamers’ live streaming

Apparently, watching well-known gamers’ live streaming can be one of the ways to get free Diamonds. These famous gamers often give their followers free Diamonds so they will get many views. In other words, it is part of their promotion. It is something players cannot be missed. Moreover, players should have known who the famous gamers are, they can name them easily. They can stay tuned on their live streaming and ask free Diamonds directly to the gamers in the comment section.

  1. Doing the live streaming

Doing live streaming is another easy thing the players can do to get free Diamonds in Mobile Legend. They just play and talk nicely and amazingly through their game. They can give a review of the new hero and how to handle it well. Otherwise, they can give an example of how to win easily. Those ways will interest the other players to see. Furthermore, the viewers sometimes give Diamonds as thank for the valuable live streaming.

  1. Joining the tournament

Since there are a million of players and fans in Mobile Legends, this game throws a tournament to see which the best team is. Players can join the tournament because they can get free Diamonds if they can win the tournament. It should be noted to use the heroes they are best in so they can win easily. Getting practice with teammates every day can be done since this game is teamwork game after all.

Watching famous gamers’ live streaming, doing the live streaming, and join the tournament are three ways to get free Diamonds in Mobile Legends. Players will not need to spend their money to buy the Diamonds they want. Now, time to execute those tips.


8 Tools that You Can Use to Grow Up Your Business

In this modern era, it is a must for us to learn any technological things to be familiar with. It is true that technology helps us a lot in many sections, it is including the business. Moreover, people start to be comfortable to have a transaction in business using digital tools, such as photoshop 7.0. One of the reasons is we can check the record and history and it is easier for us to run the business.

The Function

In order to run the business, there are several tech tools in which helps you to strengthen your own business. In addition, it does make you easier to introduce the people what business you are running to. You may also feel more comfortable in running your online business since you can monitor it anywhere and anytime.

Most-used Tools

Then, if you like to seriously run a business, here are several tools which can be used to strengthen your business:

  • Powtoon

This is an app which contains the animated presentation. You do not be an expert to use this since all the things are available, you can just arrange and make your own video for your business. This is good for those who need an animated cartoon for your ideas.

  • Transferwise

This is a tool which allows you to have a low charge for an overseas transfer. It is known that the bank will charge a lot for the overseas transfers, but by using this one, it goes even easier. This will help you a lot to run business which requires many overseas transfers.

  • Vimeo

It is an application which allows the user to create video marketing business by themselves. The tools provided are easy to use. In addition, it is equipped with analytic tools that you can use to monitor the business.

  • Trello

This is an app which may help you to organize all the things related to your business. Here, you can manage some issues by using this application. It helps you to finish all the pending issues come along.

  • Google G-Drive

In order to save all the files including data, photo and so on in one place, you can count Google Drive on. It gives you enough space which is 15GB to save all your data inside it.

  • Zoom

This is an app which enables you and your team to work remotely. You can make a teleconference video to replace face – to – face meeting. It enables you to discuss about business anytime and anywhere you are.

  • Adobe Photoshop

Graphic design and photo editing are needed for promoting your business. Therefore, it is good for you to use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 as the tools to edit and make designs. It is the updated version with complete editing tools.

  • Canva

This is a graphic design tool set when the beginner can also make a beautiful design. The app has provided the template and stickers so that the user can just make a design based on their own creativity.

Those are several tools that you can use to run your business. You can learn and use adobe photoshop 7.0, G-Drive and so on to support your business. You can even run the business conveniently whenever you are. In addition, you can still communicate with your team when you urgently need to discuss the things related to your business. Those tools are completely effective to be used. In addition, it reduces the cost of promotion which sometimes becomes the biggest expenses when you start your business. Therefore, it would be a good idea if you can use all the tools since all of them are user-friendly. Whether you are an expert or the beginner, you can still operate all of them easily.


2 Best Video Converters Software for Mac and Windows.

Thanks to the Internet, the existence of it leads to the expansion of social media. It can be stated that people tend to depend on social media now since they spend most of their time to access it. One of the most famous social media is Facebook. People can share their opinion and fact and upload their photos and videos with no effort on Facebook. Along with that, the presence of video converter software comes so people can download videos from Facebook to mp4 HD.

Why Do People Want To Convert Their Videos?

There are great videos available on Facebook. Most of the people think that those videos are surely worth to watch and cannot be skipped so they wish to share those videos so the others can enjoy it. Since Mac and Windows do not have any function for converting videos, people need to download third-party. Fortunately, many kinds of video converters software that can convert Facebook to mp4 HD are available on the Internet.

What Are 2 Best Video Converters Software For Mac And Windows?

  • Movavi Video Converter

This video converter can be used in Mac and Windows. There are 2 best things from this converter. First, it does not need much space from Mac and Windows. Second, it is easy to install this tool; people can download it in a few seconds. Third, they can use the amazing freemium tool since it has a free version. Fourth, people can choose many kinds of format they like. If people want to download the video into mp4, they can do it now.

To begin the process, people can drag any different video from many sources. Then, they need to drop the video into the screen. Another best thing from this converter is people can add photos, audio, and DVD. This converter helps people to choose any desired size and quality. They also can watch the sample part of the video. If people are so busy to wait for the video to be converted, they can minimalize the system and do other jobs on their Mac and Windows.

  • Handbrake

Handbrake is a free video converter for Mac and Windows. The first best thing about it is this converter is much advanced than the others since it is frequently updated. Thus, people will never be bored with it because there are numerous new features added to facilitate people. Second, it has multiple formats, devices, and codecs. Shortly, it is advanced video converter software with marvelous customization.

To start the process, select the video by clicking the source button. After the video appears, people can arrange the preset and format. It can be edited by cropping and resizing the video, adding and removing the subtitles, and adjusting the audio volume. To make a new video, people need to click the start button and for it.

Movavi Video Converter and Handbrake are 2 best video converters software people can use. They can try to be familiar with it by practicing to convert videos from Facebook to mp4 HD.


The Top Tech Influencers on YouTube

As we know so far, there are lots of contents that we might find on YouTube, and of course, we can divide the category as well, so only the things that we like that shows on the timeline. There are lots of influencers that you might find on YouTube. But, of course, Lewis Hilsenteger is the top of them, especially if it comes to technology. Yes, we agree on that. As we all know his channel is about technology and this makes him the top tech influencers on YouTube these days. From his channel, you can experience lots of cool stuff that you might never see before.

Tips To Become One Of The Best Influencers

If you are a YouTube user, and you like technology, you might be very familiar with his account and of course, from his account, we can find lots of fun stuff and cool gadgets as well. But, what if you want to become like him, like Lewis Hilsenteger. Well, in this article we will give you some tips to become one of the most famous YouTube Influencers. So, if you want to start your career as Youtubers, you are in a good place, because with us, you will find the good information that might help you build up your channel, and of course it will help you become the top tech influencers on YouTube.

Three Tips To Become Good Influencer

There are few things that you might learn in this article, and when you apply these tips it might help you to find a way to create your channel become one of the good places to work with. Well, let’s see what kind of things you need to do if you want to become successful in YouTube and have a very bright future in this kind of workspace. If you are very curious about this kind of thing, then these are the tips that might be helpful for you.

  1. Up to Date

If you are interested in technology, you need to keep informed, and up to date to everything tech-related, like gadget, information and also other things that closely related to technology, by doing this, you will be able to find what kind of review that you want to make on your YouTube channel.

  1. Honest

As a reviewer, you need to be fair and open. If the products that you reviewed are not good, then say it’s not good and tell about the minus and the plus that people will get from the gadget or tech that you reviewed.

  1. Simple and Informative

You don’t need to do hard things, just make it simple and make it easy for people to understand you, so they can get the information that you want to share with them.

Well, those are the things that you might like to know about how to become some good influencers, especially if you really want to become some tech reviewer or influencers. By knowing that stuff above, you will be able to find the things that might be helpful for you to grow your channel, and of course you need to be patient because everything will not happen just in one night.

So, if you have decided on wanting to become one of the top tech influencers on YouTube you only need to follow those three steps above. Those will help you find a good way to learn how to make your channel bigger and of course it will be helpful for you to make yourself become something more. That’s it; hopefully, it will be very useful and helpful for you who might need some help. If you want to know more information about all these, you can visit