How to Stay Hydrated?

While your body is lack of water, it is called as dehydrated. As we know, most of the component of our body contains water. When we dehydrate, our body will not work as well and it can lead us to get some disease.

These Are 7 Tips For You

To prevent any disease comes to your body, it is so much better if you keep your body stay hydrated. What you should gonna do? Here are 7 tips for you to keep hydrated:

Knowing The Sign Of Dehydrated

While your body is dehydrated, you need to know that it will send a sign that you need to drink. Usually, the sign is like you want to sleep though you have slept for 8 hours and more signs. Notice about the sign of dehydrated and don’t forget to drink.

Drink For 15 Minutes While Working Out

While you do a workout, take a drink for 15 minutes. You need to notice that while doing the workout, the water in your body will be evaporated through sweet. Thus, you need to refill it with enough water.

Determine Your Pee

Another sign of dehydrated is your pee. You need to determine the color of your urine. When your urine has a dark yellow, you are obviously dehydrated. The healthy urine color is light yellow.

Get Extra Protein

While you are dehydrated and have no water to drink, you can replace it consuming the protein. Even though it is not the best decision, you can replace it for once or twice. You can consume protein supplement to keep your body hydrated.

Know Your Kidney

Every person has its different kidney portion to fill with water. Some of them require much water and some of them just require an ordinary portion of water. If you don’t have any kidney’s disease, your kidney may require the regular portion. Regular portion is drinking 2 liters of water in a day.

To make sure about your kidney health and portion, come to the doctor and you will know how healthy your kidney is. The doctor also will tell you about how much you need to drink water in a day.

Choose Plain Water Rather Than Sports Drink

During the workout, do you prefer to choose a sports drink or plain water? Need to notice that the sports drink is not as good as you thought. You didn’t realize that sports drink need more time to absorb with the body than the plain water. Still, the best option to drink is plain water. It helps your vital organ to work as its job.

Don’t Forget To Check Kidney Stones

If you are a young man, you should not worry if you will get a kidney stone. Usually, it will appear in the age up 30s if you don’t keep your kidney healthy. To make sure you didn’t suffer from kidney stones, just check up your kidney to a doctor.

Those are the tips you need to do every time to keep your body stay hydrated.


Let’s Live Healthily! How to Do It?

Nowadays, many people realize that they live should be healthy to keep their body from any disease. There are many ways you can do to keep your body stay healthy. Remember that one of the priciest things in life is a healthy life.

Here’s What You Can Do

If you would like to keep healthy, you have to promise to don’t break your own commitment. It will be so hard when the first time you try. However, it is just a matter of time to make you keep your healthy body.

How you can do for the first time? These are the things you need to do to get a healthy life:

Eat The Unprocessed Foods

A healthy life means you need to don’t consume any processed foods. Need to remember that the processed foods are not healthy even they claim its healthy. It is so much better if you eat more unprocessed foods. The unprocessed foods are fresh veggies, fruits, meats, nuts, and many more.

Walk A Lot

Try to walk for more. By walking for about 15 minutes every day, it will help your body to stay healthy. If you work on the 3rd floor, try to use stairs rather than lift. If your office is near you, you can choose to walk there besides using a bike or such.

Drink Often

After doing something, don’t forget to drink. Our body is consisting of 80% of water. While your body is dehydrated, it will cause any disease. Just drink water a lot and it will keep your vital organ works well.

Bring Your Own Lunch

Usually, if you go to work, many of you didn’t want to bring any packed lunch. It makes you choose more unhealthy foods to be your lunch. To avoid this one, just bring our own lunch which contains veggie salad or other healthy foods.

Take Vacation

If you live for work, you can replace it with your work for life. It means you shouldn’t take all your time to work only. You need a break. Take a vacation and you will feel so fresh and ready to work again. Don’t force yourself to work a lot. It is not good for your health.

Negativity Thought? Just Stay Away

One of the secret to keeping your life healthy is by staying away from any negative thoughts. Just remember that your negative thought just kills you inside. Thus, try to think more positive even you are in the middle of negative people or negative situation.

End Toxic Friend Or Partner

Have you heard about toxic people? Toxic people are the one who is acting like toxic which can disturb your life physically or mentally. Many of toxic people destroy mental health. If there are your friends or partner which destroy your mental health, just end it up and it will be alright.

Those are the things you can do to live in a healthy life. Make sure you do all those things and you will feel so much better to live.