Apple iPhone XS Max Review: All that Glitters is Gold

Are you iPhone enthusiast? You may already know the next product that will be released, right? After launching the phenomenal iPhone X, Apple will rock the stage with the most tremendous smartphone, as claimed. Some of the rumors even said that the new iPhone will be released after this summer with a more affordable price. Is it true? So, will it affect the quality of the product or even better than the previous one? The newest information on the new iPhone is the new upgrading for inside and outside part. You will see the balance improvements, like from its body shape and the system inside.

What’s New on iPhone XS Max?

From the beginning, you might even not know or even already know the name of this new product. Let’s just mention it again, Apple will release new iPhone series which is iPhone XS Max. It sounds like the continuity of the latest version of iPhone, which is iPhone X. As previously mentioned, the XS Max will have inside and outside improvements. However, the fact is the upgrading is not as much as people think. At least, it has improvement. So, here the improvement from the new XS Max:

  • New Screen New Experience

From the design, we will still find the “S” model which is the new trend for the last year—and still could be a trend for this year. There will be a notch which is an edge to edge OLED Screen. Currently, this design is still a problem but just a minor problem. Rather than upgrading the design, the new XS Max will have a bigger screen size. You will have a 6.5-inch display with more vibrant colors. For you who like to watch movies through a smartphone, this is the best choice ever. Moreover, you will never be disappointed with its touch-screen-sensitivity. It has high sensitivity which will help you to do better work with it.

  • Super Speaker for Super Enjoyable Day

Moreover, you will get a great experience from this smartphone since it has 3D soundstage representing speaker. Watching the movie and listening music are the most powerful things you do with these specifications. This improvement also comes with the high quality sound recording. So, you will not only get the best sounds for watching and listening but also for recording, either video or audio.

  • New RAM Capacity

Basically, the storage capacity from iPhone will be up to 18GB. Then, you can also find the storage for 256GB and 512GB. Moreover, the new high storage of 4GB LPDDR4 RAM will be the most deal one.

Gold is Glory, Gold is iPhone

The big issue of the new iPhone XS Max is the gold glitters. As you may know that iPhone still never let the gold color behind. Moreover, the gold color that is given by Apple is not kind of gold which has a vivid yellow color. Moreover, for the new iPhone will be given a gold color which is in the middle of the mixture of hue gold and rose gold. It will not be too gold nor too pink gold. It will be in between which makes it look more tremendous. With the glossy stainless body will be sparkle with the glitters. However, it is not yet confirmed whether the glitters are actually gold or not. Still, it looks tremendous, elegant, classy and simple in one pack.

This best iPhone XS Max has already be rated. Most of the reviewers gave a positive response towards this new product from Apple. 4.5 out of 5 is the majority rating for this smartphone which is not too bad. Moreover, it will be the best choice for people who like the golden