7 Natural Remedies Effective to Get Rid Your Stuffy Nose

When you have your nose gets stuffed by mucus, that is the time when you are in trouble. This kind of condition makes you hard to breathe since the mucus is clogged in your nasal system. However, this is something that you do not have to worry about as you may know how to get rid of a stuffy nose easily.

Bad Times With Stuffy Nose

This stuffy nose is caused by nasal congestion. Usually, when you have a cold and flu, then you can feel this situation. Breathing is a challenge whether you have your daily activities or even when you are sleeping. Hence, this would be good for you to get rid of the mucus in your nose every time you have it. When the mucus is getting out of your nose, then you can step by step breathe easily.

This is a normal condition when you are having a cold and flu. Although it is very disturbing, then you can just wait for this until your cold and flu get cured. Here you do not need to see the doctor as you can overcome with this condition with the natural remedies.

Ways to Get Rid The Stuffy Nose

Believe it or not, the natural remedies are often more effective than taking the medicine when you have a cold and flu. Then, the following ones are the natural remedies that you should know in order to get rid of your stuffy nose.

  • Make it work with Garlic

You know that garlic has a function in order to get rid your stuffy nose off. Garlic contains properties such as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This kind of thing has been proven scientifically to the people who have cold is getting better day by day than people who do not take garlic as the medicine. Then, in order to make the mucus get out of your nose, you can eat raw garlic. However, some people who do not like this way, you can actually boil the water and put about 10 cloves of garlic inside until it is steamed. Then, you can slowly inhale it.

  • Get your pack

When you have a cold and flu, sometimes it makes you get a fever as well. The use of pack in this condition can be counted on. Even there is no scientific evidence that pack can heal the nasal congestion, but it makes you feel better so much. You can even create your own pack whether it is a hot or cold one. Put it in your nose then you can feel better after that.

  • Get your nighttime better

In order to make you feel comfortable when you are sleeping, you can set the pillow higher than your usual. This kind of way is effective to make the mucus do not get stuck inside your nose.

  • Take the herbs

Natural remedies usually deal with the herbs. Some herbal treatments are believed to cure a cold easily. Hence, it is better for you to have some eucalyptus oil and menthol for your stuffy nose. This kind of this is good to make you easier to breathe.

  • Have some tea or soups

The warm water is a good way of how to get rid of a stuffy nose easily. Therefore, when you have such kind of condition, bad flu, and stuffy nose, then you can have warm tea in a routine. This is workable for you if you take this way regularly.

  • Inhale the steamed air

Another thing that you have to do is inhaling over the steamed air. This one does work in order to make the mucus get waterier and it makes you easy to get rid them off. The step is very easy. You can boil water and wait until it is steamed. Then you can inhale the steam slowly.

  • Have the spicy foods

Spicy food can be considered as the natural remedy to get rid of the stuffy nose. The properties contained in chili has decongestant which is good to make the mucus get out of your nose.

Those are the natural remedies that you can try at home of how to get rid of a stuffy nose easily. All things are easy to do. Then, if you do not want to get the stuffy nose a long time, then you can practice them at home.